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More than a heartwarmer...

This past Sunday was more than a heartwarmer—it was a heartscorcher, literally and figuratively.

In 113 degree weather (YIKES!), our heroic "freshman class" of Starters returned their Start Kits and we couldn’t be prouder. We know how much effort and commitment went into planting and caring for the seeds, nurturing and then obsessing over them before, during and after little seedlings emerged, especially given the crazy weather and the smoke and ash-filled air. Bravo, bravo, and bravo to all of you. We’re so thrilled to let you all know that of the 300 kits distributed, practically all of them came back, and while some had mixed results, an overwhelming majority had viable plants. Now it’s our turn to look after the starts equally lovingly until we share them with under resourced families and individuals at local food pantries over the next couple of weeks. It was terrific hearing all of your feedback about the pilot program, and we’ll be sure to share the recipient "Growers" feedback and appreciation with you.

We really can’t thank you enough. getstarted is a beautiful idea. You are all making it a


-Cara Storm, director (and fellow Starter)

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