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partnership opportunities

getstarted needs home gardeners to sow, and plant recipients to grow, and yes, we need community organizations and businesses to nurture the program so it can flourish.

But we also bring to the table three very valuable audiences your business wants to reach.

Interested in reaching these potential customers?


Let's discuss how we can collaborate.

product, services & funding opportunities

getstarted is a for-impact program.


Since there is no cost to participate, either as a home gardener “Starter” or recipient “Grower,”getstarted relies on the communities with whom we partner for product donation and support. Although your support is not tax deductible, Product & Services donors are greatly appreciated for assisting with purchasing gardening materials-- including seed, soil and containers, plus distribution materials-- including bags, paper and printing services. 


If you are interested in helping offset some of our program costs, please email us at Thank you.


Underwriting program costs is also available for Funders or Corporate Sponsors who would like to:

  • Reach and influence the home gardening community

  • Reach and impact food-insecure families

  • Reach and influence affiliated organizations, city and regional governments, and other stakeholders

  • Experience a unique, on-going employee engagement program


In addition to the positive association all Funders & Sponsors receive as part of the program, getstarted provides increased visibility and name recognition in the form of:


  • Name and/or logo recognition on collateral, including container labels (on-going, daily exposure), Starter and Grower plant care instructions and resource handouts, and event signage at Start Kit Pick Up & Drop Off Days and multiple food pantry distribution days

  • Opportunity to include stand-alone promotional collateral in Start Kit bags (i.e. offers, discounts)

  • Name and/or logo recognition on website

  • Customized social media posts

  • Inclusion in press releases and pitches by professional publicist

  • Opportunity to create or provide resource content, i.e. videos and blogs on gardening tips


Please contact to discuss customized donor and sponsorship opportunities.


Let's getstarted in your community!

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