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Blue skies, nothing but blue skies...

Yesterday was a beautiful day, for so many reasons. It was the first day of distributing happy, thriving starts to food pantry clients—the mission behind getstarted!—and under blue skies, as the air quality in Petaluma has finally improved. Ah, joyous, as if the heavens were nodding with approval! : )

We brought over seventy-five 6-packs of broccoli, cilantro, and lettuce to Salvation Army in East Petaluma and are delighted to share that about 60 were given away to people waiting in line, all of whom ooohed and aaahed over how great the plants looked, and how excited they were to grow and enjoy them. Along with the plants, we handed out growing and harvesting instructions in both English and Spanish, and answered questions about getstarted, about the enthusiastic, terrific volunteers whose names were on the Start kit labels, and about how best to care for the plants to make sure they’d make it from the ground to the dinner table.

Later this week, we’ll continue distribution at food pantries at Elim Lutheran Church in West Petaluma and McDowell Elementary School on the East Side.

It truly was a day of appreciation, plus we heard lots of great feedback on plants to consider for next season... Can you guess the top pick? I’ll keep you in suspense and answer in the next blog post. : )

-Cara Storm, director (and fellow Starter)

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